Nhimbe Fresh - Packhouse & Cold Store | 510.3 kW Solar + 1 MWh Storage | Marondera, Zimbabwe

Generating Solar Power

About this project

Be part of a landmark Sun Exchange project! This solar-plus-storage project will power Nhimbe Fresh, an agriculture leader in Marondera, Zimbabwe.

Nhimbe Fresh exports blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, stone fruit, snap peas and snow peas to major international grocery retailers across the world. The company embraces its interdependence on the environment and aims to uplift surrounding communities. Through its outgrower scheme, Nhimbe Fresh works with 250 smallholder farmers who receive specialised training and gain vast access to export markets.

Impact and benefits

This is our largest project to date, the first outside South Africa, and features unique benefits, including:

  • Integrated battery storage means solar energy from your cells can be used 24 hours a day, maximising earnings and CO2 reduction and eliminating the risk of power outages.

  • USD denominated lease mitigates risk of local currency fluctuations.

  • Lease payments are fixed per cell per month, rather than per kWh, giving you more certain and predictable earnings.

Phase 1 of this multiphase project will power Nhimbe Fresh’s packhouse and cold store facilities.


Are you connected to the sun?

Easily buy solar cells, make a positive impact and earn income generating clean energy

413,130.60 kWh

Energy generated

425,524.52 kg CO2

Carbon reduced

a year

Generating power


Solar cells connected


Members generating

Estimate earnings and impact

Match: 113.00 ZAR
Match: 6.470 kWh
13.20 ZAR
1st year income rate per kWh*
13.20 ZAR
1st year income for cells**
516.20 ZAR
Total 20 year income for cells**
* Escalating at approx. 0% a year
** Estimated ZAR exchange rate: 0.00
ZAR earnings are paid out at the prevailing ZAR rate
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