Bougainvilla Retirement Village | 247.80 kW | Pretoria, South Africa

Installing Solar Cells

About this project

Bougainvilla is a retirement village in Montana, a suburb in the North East of Pretoria.

This retirement village promises safety, affordability, convenience and comfort for the elderly. There are 536 dwelling units consisting of a combination of two and three-bedroom houses and one and two-bedroom apartments.

It’s been in operation for six years, receiving the Best Retirement Village award at the Best of Pretoria Reader’s Choice Awards in 2019.

Currently, it is home to 670 retirees. With amenities such as a church, fitness facilities, 24-hour care center (that offers around the clock medical care from experts), library, coffee shop and ample provisions for social activities, patrons can rest assured that life is far from slowing down.

Impact and benefits

Bougainvilla wants to play its part in a cleaner and sustainable future which it believes is everyone’s responsibility, including seniors. Purchasing solar cells* in this project will enable the patrons of this retirement village to lower their monthly electricity bills and contribute to a solar-powered future.

*Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) permission to build for this project is still in progress. The installation can only commence once this has been approved. This may take up to 4 months for the build to be completed. In the unlikely event that permission to build is not granted, cell owners will receive a full refund.


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264.73 ZAR
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